Who is Magistra Anachronista?

Magistra Anachronista is a Latin teacher.  She is not a technophobe (and she has the iPad to prove it!).

Magistra Anachronista uses technology in her classroom when it makes sense to do so, but will not use it for the sake of conforming to the growing belief that a teacher is only valuable if he/she shares his/her knowledge via technology.

Magistra Anachronista vehemently opposes the use of technology in the classroom as a means to widen budgetary margins by eliminating the human element from classrooms.  In layman’s terms, she thinks that replacing a teacher with a computer to “save money” is just weak.

Why is this weak, and why is “save money” in quotation marks?  Because teacher salaries typically don’t make up the bulk of an academic institution’s budget; administrative salaries do.  Yet teachers are always the first on the chopping block, while administrators keep raking in five- and six-figure salaries.

These pages are a reflection on the appropriate use of technology in the classroom, and an argument for those subjects which are better taught in the traditional no-tech, or a low-tech, manner.


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